Rule 1 : Eat When You Are Hungry 

Don’t worry about how other people eat throughout the day, instead eat when your body is hungry and avoid eating out of boredom, anxiety or depression. 

Rule 2 : Eat Sitting Down in a Calm Environment 

Eat without intense or anxiety-provoking situations, conversations or music. 

Rule 3 : Eat Without Distractions 

Distractions include television, internet, apps, technology, radio, books, driving. Sit down and eat mindfully alone or with some company. 

Rule 4. Eat What Your Body Wants 

Check in with your body and notice which nutrient-rich ingredients are calling you. Remember your body would never naturally crave preservatives and additives unless previously induced. 

Rule 5. Eat Until You Are Satisfied 

Listen to how much food your body wants and avoid overeating, or eating past being satisfied. 

Rule 6. Eat (With The Intention) of Being in Full View 

Eating in secrecy or hiding foods sends a strong message to yourself that what you are doing is bad, and therefore you should feel guilty about it. Eating with the intention of being in full (even if no one is around to see) will start to unravel any old habits and rebuild a healthy relationship with food. 

Rule 7. Eat with Enjoyment, Gusto, and Pleasure

Let yourself be called to delicious new ingredients and dishes. Eating is a pleasurable experience, and it should be, enjoy it!