My goal is to help people in creating their own program to Better Fit by providing easy to follow Blog about Healthy easy recipes, weight loss, and Hiit Workout

As an exercise physiologist and a certified personal trainer, I’m proud to have personally helped hundreds of women look and feel their best, by designing diet and exercise programs for individual female body types. For more than fifteen years, I have worked one-on-one with women just like you to create the best fitness game plans for their unique needs.

Many of my clients are new to fitness and are out of shape. When they come to me, they are unhappy with the way their bodies look and feel, but they have no clear plan for how to turn things around. When we first meet, my clients usually tell me that I can’t possibly relate to being overweight and out of shape. Whenever I hear that I have to laugh because nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is, I know exactly what my clients are feeling because I’ve been there myself. In fact, that’s how I got into this business in the first place

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