People looking for how to reduce some weight, it has been proven that yoga is very helpful in stabilizing body weight.
Effective yoga postures for losing extra pounds can help you maintain the weight you want due to the fact that it helps in boosting your body metabolism when using these postures.

Also, it boosts the general body circulation in order to use fats and glucose effectively to manufacture energy rather than storing lipids. They don’t just boost the rate at which fats are used but also tone tissue groups in order to get slimmer body shape. To have a weight that is stable, the guidelines below are effective yoga posture.


This yoga posture is great for toning the abdomens, hips, and thighs. Stand using your feet put your hands together by your side. Exhale very deep with your arm lifted over your head in a straight way. Breathe in a slow way and bend your knees to the front at the same time lower your hands to the ground. Breathe in and breathe out while assuming a lunge post bringing your arms over your head again.


This posture is helpful in turning both your arms and legs behind. Stand erect using your feet putting your arms together beside you. Raise your feet and put the right foot’s bottom against the inner left thigh ensuring your knees are twirled to the side. Position your arms to the front of your chest together with your palms clapped to each other. Stretch your arms up towards the roof. Bend your chest to the right. Iterate for five times and repeat on the other side.

Twisted Chair Pose

This is one of the yoga postures that are effective in losing weight. It helps in boosting circulation and burns off calories by utilizing every single minor & major tissues group that is present in the body. Place together your feet and stand. Create a post by bending your knee like you are sitting down on a chair not resting your back. Place together your palms and put it in front of your upper body. Spin and put your left elbow down over your right knee. Stay in that position for 30secs and get up. Do the same for the other side.

Locust Pose

Locust Pose is another yoga posture that is very effective and helps in losing weight as it strengthens your lower back and leg. It boosts your work level and gives you the feeling of being boosted for great well-being. Lay on your belly with your arms beside you and looking up towards the roof. Lift your head, arms, legs, and body up from the floor and the only body part that should be touching the ground should be your stomach. Carry out that post as high as possible and feel how you muscles contract. Free yourself after 30miutes and repeat 3 to 5times.

Bow Pose

Bow Pose can be compared to locust post; the only difference is that your arms stretch toward your legs. This post is a bit hard. Before starting the bow pose carry out the locust pose. Your knees should be bent upward in a manner whereby your hands are able to hold your ankles. Ensure you are very comfortable with this post to prevent straining your muscles. Be in that position for about 30secs and repeat thrice.

You can carry out more poses, but ensure you do this one due to the fact that they are some of the yoga postures that are most active and effective for weight loss.