According to yogic, “The problem of man is not being awakened enough to know the inner self.”

A basis of life regards Breathing in yoga .you can make exercises  Poses and breathing connection with the spirit.
For a beginner who is willing to start yoga class, having some guidelines when starting yoga is great to assist you in appreciating yoga more. The important subjects are where, when, what and how you are going to practice yoga

Where is the appropriate place for yoga lesson?

Yoga lessons can be practiced in class or in the house. Inside or outside the house can also do the practice. If you want to carry out an indoor session, select a spot where there is no noise in your home.

In case you want a warm room, you can make use of a yoga mat or an exercising mat. However, stay under a shaded area if you prefer the outdoor session.

When you can recommend practice?

When you are choosing a time for yoga session, make sure you don’t get any form of disturbance or distractions so as to be fully concentrated. Also never be in a hurry when making decision on the right time. For you to have an experience that is great, ensure your stomach is empty and hold on for about 2 hours after eating.

The posture Asana will work well for the body if done when the body is very flexible. When starting a yoga class, some guideline will suggest a minimum session of 10mins of posture. But this might be increased to 20 minutes or more if it includes meditation.

How you can do the practice?

Bare feet is the best for yoga; bare feet prevents you from slipping and also give you a nice posture. Make sure you put on comfortable and loose clothes to give you the chance to be free when changing posture.

What postures (Asana) to take?

Force shouldn’t do Postures; all types of exercise that should discontinue putting pressure on the body. Before beginning a different posture, it is very important you understand the way your body functions and the length it can go.

The aim of yoga is not for competition, but when you put in effort and patient, you definitely love it.