changing how you cook

Here are some tips that will help you lose your first ten pounds of weight just how you prepare your meal. What to do about how food is cooked, how healthy it is or not.

TIP # 1: Instead of frying in oil or fat, try cooking those items. Baking does not require all the fats and oils that fry and your food is not soaking in those substances while cooking.

TIP # 2: Use a non-stick frying pan spray so that you do not use oil. Also, non-stick pans do not require any oil.

TIP # 3: Boil the vegetables instead of cooking them. You can also steam them, as this is probably the healthiest way to eat foods like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots.

TIP # 4: Abandon no-fat and low-fat foods. There are many of these foods on the market, but they are not healthy at all. Many of these foods use some kind of chemical or carbohydrate to sweeten them so that they taste better. However, the body converts these chemicals and carbohydrates into sugar in the body, meaning that they are still turning into fat.

TIP # 5: Don’t be a victim of a crash diet. They are bad for you and do more harm than good in the long run. The short-term results are typical that you will lose a few pounds, but once you drop them everything returns and your weight is poor the second time. You cannot survive on a crash diet and you eventually reach a point where you have to leave it.

TIP # 6: Chew your food at least 8 to 12 times whether it is liquid food, dessert or ice cream. It adds saliva to the food which digests sugar. When food is not eaten properly and simply swallowed, you fill your stomach with food that is not ready to be digested and you do not need health benefits after that.

TIP # 7: When you are cooking with oil, use a good extra virgin olive oil. It is more expensive than vegetable oil, but the health benefits are much better and it is worth the cost. Olive oil is associated with a reduced risk in coronary heart disease and helps increase the elasticity of the arterial walls which reduces the likelihood of heart attack and stroke