Sexercising routines not only help you get fit, they also help you get your sexy back. Keep in mind that men are very visual creatures, and having a little sex appeal will not only give you more confidence in your feminine self but will also help you attract more men. There are four popular types of sexercises: pole dancing, belly dancing, Zumba, and striptease.

Pole Dancing

Although pole dancing is fast becoming a widely accepted fitness activity, there are still a lot of misconceptions about what it really is all about. Pole dancing allows many women to improve their confidence and self-esteem while becoming more fit and toned. If you get past the stigma that comes along with pole dancing, you’ll find that it is a great way to build incredible strength while having loads of fun.

The pole requires significant arm strength because most of the time you are using your arms to lift your entire body. There is a wide variety of exercises you can do on your pole to increase flexibility and muscle tone while performing sexy, strength-building dance moves.

Although pole dancing is associated with strippers, there’s no nudity at a pole-dancing class nor are there men gawking at you during the class session. You will find women of all ages and sizes prancing around the pole, flying in the air, and spinning forward and backward, with pauses for little playful teases. Throughout the class session, students learn different pole exercise moves and eventually work their way up to performing a complete routine.

Many take their newfound skills and offer their boyfriend or husband a special treat. Some join to get fit, embrace their sexuality, or simply to gain more self-confidence. Whatever the reason they join, they typically leave feeling sexy, sensual, and confident about their bodies. Pole- dancing fitness can liberate your sensuality and give you confidence in showing off your new feminine body.

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is not only fun but is also a great form of exercise. It tones the arms, strengthens and tightens the abs and obliques, and improves flexibility. It can burn as many calories as jogging, swimming, or riding a bike but is less strenuous on the body than weight lifting and more entertaining than sitting on a bike at the gym.

Belly dancing is a very different form of exercise than what you may be used to, as it is a beautiful and sensual dance form. What makes belly dancing unique is that it is a cultural experience; you learn about its Middle Eastern origins while burning fat, improving flexibility and posture, and enhancing your sexuality and femininity. Belly dancing is great for women who want sexy abs, as it’s a perfect workout for your midsection, waist, and core. Belly dancing adds a whole different dimension to your fitness experience.


Zumba is a type of fitness class that has garnered quite a bit of attention recently. A great way to firm, tone, and sweat while doing a lively, upbeat Latin dance, Zumba incorporates aerobic interval training with Latin-style dance movements to provide a refreshing change from traditional aerobics routines.

Many are enamored with Zumba’s many benefits for burning fat, toning muscles, and having fun. Zumba classes, which usually last about an hour, can burn up to 500 calories and really rev up your metabolism. It’s a fun workout that is more of a good time than an exercise class. The dance moves are easy to learn. Instructors teach the basic routines and then add more intricate dance moves. The movements used in Zumba—such as salsa, merengue, cha-cha, mambo, and Zumba shuffle steps—all help to tone muscles.

Zumba feels more like an evening at a Latin dance club than an exercise routine and is growing in popularity each day.


Striptease is more of a seductive dance routine, typically performed in stilettos. When I attended striptease class, the dips and gyrating leg movements really helped to tone up my thighs and legs. Both striptease and pole-dance classes are great ways to embrace your sexuality and simply look and feel sexy and desirable. There are also workout videos, like Flirty Girl Fitness DVDs, if you want to work out at home as opposed to going to a dance studio.

Striptease is an exercise routine that you may prefer to practice in the privacy of your own home. This will allow you to let go of your inhibitions. The more you practice, the more you’ll get comfortable freeing your sensual self. The good news is that you really begin to work your muscles by gyrating and bending to the music of your choice.

Once you get comfortable with your striptease routine, you may want to show it to your significant other. I’m sure he will enjoy your lean and toned body, along with your sensuality. When you get confident in your body, your movements will be beautiful and sensual, and you’ll walk around the room with a wonderful, sexual presence that you and your mate will both appreciate.