1. Begin all session by warming your body. Carry out exercise that stretches your arms, legs, and spine.
  2. Try and know the technique that is involved in inhaling & exhaling. Inhaling talks about dilation and exhaling is about contracting.
  3. Sequencing is a way of changing from one pose to another pose. This is helpful in balancing the yoga session.
  4. Try and understand why you make use of different poses.
  5. Make use of your nose when breathing.
  6. Start with the easy pose, then change posture when you start getting comfortable.
  7. Never force the body to take a specific pose for you not get yourself in- jured.
  8. After concluding any session make sure you let your body rest by relaxing.

Just like it is with other exercises, start with poses that are simple and proceed to harder poses as you continue, this technique will be of great benefit. When you carry out constant yoga practice session, you will be able to see more improvement.

Postures should be carried out thrice; instead try and carry out the same pose three times, and ensure you get it accurately if you are doing it just once.
When these guidelines are properly followed when you are starting yoga sessions, it is going to be useful for people that are considering yoga.

Some final weighty tips

  1. Weight loss is about 80% eating habits and 20% fitness habits.
  2. Aim to lose both body fat as well as overall weight.
  3. Be regular and disciplined in your yoga practices.
  4. Keep the metabolism active by having 5-6 small meals throughout the day. This will also help you keep your pseudo-hunger at bay.
  5. Be passionate about your yoga workout.
  6. Eat slower. Avoid watching TV or talking on the phone when eating so we can be conscious about how much we eat and how we feel when we are satisfied.
  7. The trifecta of weight loss – Discipline, Determination, and Dedication.
  8. Go on short treks outside the city with friends or family. Being outdoor helps to be close to nature and gives us the required break from our schedule.
  9. A beach trip. When was the last time we walked barefoot on the sands?
    Make the best of it by walking on the shores, and don’t forget to carry our yoga mat.
  10. Bicycling is one activity that gives everyone a good workout. Being outdoor and with friends around, we won’t even come to realize how far the distance we have traveled.