Is Eating to slim down and Eating HEALTHY an equivalent Thing?

I’m going on be explaining is there a,difference between eating healthy and,eating to lose weight I don’t know it,sounds crazy you’re thinking well you,should eat healthy to lose weight that’s,how you lose weight eat healthy stop,eating junk but really is that really,what it is and the answer is no there’s,a big difference between eating healthy,and eating to lose weight or to keep,waiting to offer to stay shredded okay,this  going on explain that and say,what to do in the real world not in a,science book not in a textbook not what,your dietician said and by the way your,dietician maybe not yours but half of,them are obese they all know how to eat,healthy and they probably almost all do,eat healthy so why are they overweight,why why do you think because they eat,too much too much of what too many,calories calories are the enemy calories,is what’s making us fat calories is,what’s preventing you you from reaching,your goals so I’m going on explain how do,we use that information to let us diet,achieve our goals and not do so without,worrying so much about it has to be,perfectly healthy oh my goodness a lot,of criticisms on my diet you drink diet,pop so so what do I look good,arguably maybe I’m ugly whatever but I’m,in shape I’m lean is Diet pop really,healthy no it’s not really how about,sitting there and say oh diet pop is,healthy that’s why I drink it it’s great,for me no put two things in front of me,diet,new diet root beer versus vegan shake,made with lettuce and spinach and,carrots and blueberries and all these,antioxidants and health and flax seeds,and all kinds of stuff that tastes like,crap one has 300 calories the vegan,shake one is 5 calories the diet pop in,the end who do you think’s going on lose,more weight the one eating drinking,those health sakes all the time or the,one drinking diet pop diet pop obviously,is it healthier No so if you are,drinking and eating too many calories,you’re not going to achieve your goals,so it is switching to all healthy food,the answer no what happens when you,switch to all healthy foods screw this,vegan shake I’m sick of it I’m going out,and eat pizza Dairy Queen blizzard and I,want something to taste good that’s what,happens you’re too hungry and you cheat,and not being hungry is the secret the,exact and only and obvious and no,question the reason we’re not in shape,oh but but ie because I had broke up,with my boyfriend and and it’s not a,stress eater it’s still because you’re,hungry you might have eaten a bit more,cuz you’re stressed for a while and you,try to drown out your sorrows with,haagen-dazs that doesn’t work you eat,Auggie doesn’t feel like crap the next,day you feel good for 6 minutes while,doing it and then you feel like crap the,next day cuz you’re obese and you’re,getting fatter whatever it’s not the,answer so what can we do we have to eat,low calorie dense foods,what the heck’s a low calorie is for you,do you know me people write me and say,I’m doing what you say I’m eating those,high calorie dense foods I’m,I said low calorie dense foods and in,there yeah low calorie dense foods a,high count they don’t even know what I’m,talking about so let’s simplify that so,normal people understand eat foods that,don’t have calories or have hardly any,calories that’s what I’m referring to,Diet pop is a low calorie dense food,it’s got hardly any calories in it,regular pop has way more calories than,diet it’s a higher calorie dense food,spinach has hardly any calories so you,need like a bowl full and have hardly,any calories nuts,how about ton of calories in a little,bit if you eat high calorie dense foods,like nuts,you’re going on eat too many of them and,you’re going on have too many calories in,too many calories they’re not good for,weight loss so are not unhealthy no nuts,are awesome they’re so good for you,they’re awesome says the 50 pound,overweight dietician obese people vegans,all that who are shoving in those health,nuts that’s what they are instead of,labeling food as healthy or not let’s,just start labeling them as calories or,not and I like to say high calorie dense,foods or low calorie dense foods why do,I stay leaner I eat mostly low calorie,dense foods does that mean I eat nothing,healthy no I’m not saying that you have,to not eat anything and just avoid,calories and just drink diet pop and,have anything that has no calories no,you gotta have some stuff with calories,but things that have less calories,you’re going on be more successful let’s,look at some in comparison just so you,get a really good understand so peanut,butter it’s not bad for you it’s bad for,you if you want to lose weight and like,be lean it’s not inherently unhealthy,it’s not junk food it’s not like eating,a chocolate bar per se or candy,but it does the same thing to your body,fat in the end because to lose weight,you need a calorie deficit what’s a,calorie deficit eating less than you,burn off okay so eating less deficit,surplus too much a plus more deficit you,can call it a – fit less – – calories,less than you burn so if you eat a lot,of nuts it’s going on be harder to be in a,deficit doesn’t mean nuts are bad,doesn’t mean your coach isn’t moron for,having nuts in your plant doesn’t mean,any of that it just means that if you,struggle and you’re not losing weight,and you eat nuts,it’s it’s not helping your chances of,success just because it’s healthy,doesn’t mean it’s increasing your,chances of success hummus,sounds pretty healthy some of them have,more calories than others some of the,hummus that you eat is tons of calories,loaded like peanut butter like oh my god,calorie I like hummus but I don’t eat it,coz it’s got a lot of calories salad,dressing is salad dressing bad no it’s,got oil in it whatever you have your,salad your olive oil and your canola oil,you load it up and you’re 50 calories,worth of vegetables now is a 500 calorie,meal because of all the sauces and,condiments and things that you put on it,that are healthy but don’t let you stay,in any deficit you’re now in a surplus,cuz you’re eating too many calories so,that’s not good you can’t do that,okay so just because it’s healthy I,don’t think salad dressings are not,healthy I think they are but I use light,dressing so I still get some of the,goodness it’s not as delicious but it’s,enough for me so I’ll use like dressy I,have half the calorie,gluten-free stuff we can debate all,night long all day and I’ll tell you I,don’t give two poops about,but some of your gluten is the devil’s,and gluten this and that and I wouldn’t,free this to me doesn’t make a,difference I don’t care let’s assume it,does gluten if it’s in bread and you eat,a lot of it it has a lot of calories,you’re going on gain weight quiet quiet,quiet no you’re ruining my video better,so you have to avoid the high calorie,dense foods so if you’re addicted to,bread you can’t just put bread on the,plate just because it’s a healthy bread,oh but it’s the whole-wheat green fancy,organic bread yay it still got a lot of,calories I don’t care if it’s organic,and fancy named and grain this and that,and full of fiber and blah blah blah if,you eat it need too much it’s bad it’s,not going on be good for your weight-loss,goals,I don’t care as no gluten don’t care,it’s healthy popcorn I love popcorn in,it we can debate how healthy it is it’s,full of fiber it’s low calorie dense,food it’s filling and it tastes good I,have one in front of me that’s what I,eat we debate all day long oh but it’s,full of this and this and that and I,don’t want to care about getting into,details simular argue it’s not healthy I,don’t care,boom I don’t care helps me stay ripped,you don’t want to eat popcorn you eat,healthier stuff I’m going on instead of,eating popcorn eat grain flax flax flax,F flax,I don’t like the taste of flax seeds I’m,out eating a bowl of flax seeds,what’s healthier my popcorn or bowl of,flax seeds I am NOT a moron the flax,seeds are way healthier but this the,flax seeds aren’t going on make me ripped,they’re going on make me eat there’s too,many calories it’s good for you yeah,yeah go include it all eat tons of it,and be happy fat happy fat good for you,if you’re happy fat good for you if,you’re not eat something like popcorn,not buttered popcorn popcorn,it’s not amazingly healthy but it’s,better than something else,I’m sure there’s got to be worse it’s,probably better than trans-fats so we,can debate all right is it healthier I,don’t care that’s my point it’s not just,eat healthy it’s eat low calorie foods,lose weight and not be hungry and,starving because if you’re starving,you’re going on eat your magenta chi I love,these guys here’s an example,yeah Ito Kanak all week you know what to,do this and stuff and then I just have,once a week I have the you know I go to,Wendy’s so they’re like I’ve gone to,fitness seminar and a guy actually said,that he’s a pro body Miller and he knew,how to eat but it’s like oh yeah I eat,organic and all this stuff,and then I go in there and there’s like,you can’t eat this,all week and then you can just do that,why don’t you see balance all week so,like they wouldn’t eat popcorn because,oh it’s full of this and that but I’m,your cheat day you can eat whatever you,want it’s just stupid,salmon I eat every day now because it’s,healthy I don’t even like it to be,honest I don’t really like it I eat it,for my health it’s very high in calories,if you’re trying to lose weight,salmon versus had a panic is going on fill,you up more it’s got less calories,salmon is healthier than haddock I would,argue because it’s got more healthy fats,and salt,Haddix got a lot less calories so if,you’re eating haddock versus salmon,you’re going on lose more weight on how to,dance and even if Sam is healthier so,I’m not saying don’t eat sevinor’s,calories no eat it but I’m saying it’s,an example of something that’s healthy,but that it’s not low calorie and so it,makes it a bit harder because the,calories end up so in the end your body,doesn’t know if I just eat 2,000,calories a day of sugar or I eat 3,000,calories of health 3,000 calories of,flax whatever I get more stranded on,candies and some people are shocked,they’re like no way I’m like if I ate,2,000 calories of just pizza I would,walk around with 4 percent body fat,until I’m completely anorexic shredded,mind blowing out of your face stupid,shredded shrimp to the bone stupid,redonkulous,or 3000 calories of pure health and I’ll,be way more shredded on 2,000 calories,of pizza you know uh nope that’s not no,no pizza nope it is the fact because I’m,eating less calories get argue me me all,day you’re wrong I win so don’t argue,beans beans are healthy yes you’re let’s,just throw in a bunch of beans is,healthy but it’s got a lot of calories,beans compared to like string beans,broccoli cauliflower spinach lettuce,romaine carrots pretty much everything,I’m going on name it’s a vegetable go ahead,less calories meat beans days good yeah,because they’re beans there’s more,calories typically things that have more,calories tastes better,shocker you take the lowest calorie ice,cream it’s going on taste not as good as,the highest calorie ice cream ice cream,oh my goodness,we all scream for ice cream I love ice,cream so I don’t eat ice cream I eat,Greek yogurt frozen ice cream bars,individual servings like this so 100,calories so it’s like it’s less calorie,dense it just it’s just less calories,for the same amount versus if I ate like,Greg o Gallagher and had his like ice,cream 240 calorie bar harder to stay in,a deficit so if I can eat 3 DS for 300,calories and be way more full than say a,300 calorie haagen-dazs bar it just,makes sense and all this organic stuff,yeah K organic there’s no pesticides and,so on okay sure it’s healthier but if I,just eat all organic everything and,unlimited portions organic grass-fed,grain-fed whatever you want to call it,oh you know grass-fed I eat whole eggs,all the time and it’s grass-fed whole,eggs and organic and no gluten and you,eat 5,000 calories of in a day versus,the dude that just freakin sprays,pesticide doesn’t even wash the lettuce,off with water before eating it but eats,less calories you’re going on lose more,wait subscribe press the bell button,look how much stuff you learn today so,much stuff you just learned you didn’t,even know some of these things I don’t,know which ones you knew and which ones,you did but just subscribe click the,Bell bye swoosh swoosh is a notification,it’s like a big fire pit that tells you,watch this video right now because it’s,up and see who can comment first but,don’t write stupid comments cuz I will,call you out on it,and I will call you a freaking moron,because you know you are one 50% of my,subs are stupid idiot morons but they’re,smart enough to watch my  to,become less stupid okay,so who’s more stupid the people who,aren’t subscribing that know nothing,because they don’t or the ones who are,subscribing who are morons who are,learning I would say my subscribers are,smarter than other subscribers because,they’re following the right person for,the right real-world information you can,go on another side share some site I’m,dietitian you eat this way to lose,weight you because research from 2002,stupidy up interview per to be able W at,L says it at all and they collaborated,and they decided that if you eat this is,much fiber you will do this and eat that,way yeah and the freaking researchers,themselves are probably 50 pounds,overweight and don’t know what you’re,doing oh but just eat all healthy and,just eat the calories that you’re,supposed to and you’ll lose weight yeah,just do you know how hard it is to eat,in a deficit when you’re starving,it’s very freakin hard this is just a,simple fact it’s hard to diet when,you’re hungry and all these health foods,are not going on automatically hear that,not automatically make you feel full and,not hungry you need to be in the real,world 44 years old right now dieted for,58 bodybuilding shows 5842 were natural,so shut up about oh he doesn’t know he,just look mean good he don’t it tastes,to me 140 mg test week test level 750,now,four deaths leader in normal reference,rings and this is what’s happened this,is ten weeks after a diet offseason this,is not bullshit the bicycle I’m a,healthy guy I’ve perfect blood work and,I’m 44 years old so shut up about you’re,not helping you’re all broken down in,you’re injured yeah yeah you break your,arm in a bike ride you can get injured,it happens okay I know what I’m doing I,know I’ll work for you hired me for,coaching Greg do sitcom that’s my,website great new sitcom hire me you’re,going on learn so much Greg you set IP Pro,call my Instagram and check out all,these comments and stuff that we do in,the post and you will be so entertained,and enjoy that so please subscribe watch,this video right here it’s a top 10 er,you all love top tens this all about,weight loss another top 10 right here if,you don’t want that well watch that one,and until next time I am out out of,freakin romaine because the pig ate it,all anyway bye.