When carrying out yoga session, it is better to start practice without eating anything. Although, it often hard as a result of professional and personal activities, you should ensure you are courteous of what you eat.


Timing is very crucial. If you have something interesting to eat before starting a yoga class, it is advisable to eat it like 2 hours before the class.
When you follow this process, it assists food digestion in the body to take a time to settle.
This will allow you feel comfortable when practicing.
If you love diets that are heavy, then ensure you eat the meal like 4 to 5hrs before the class.

Fruits and Vegetables

The main food you should be eating should be vegetables and fruits. Something important about vegetables and fruits is the fact that you are not going to have any challenge concerning food digestion because this will leave your stomach empty in just few hours. Also, it is recommended to add fruits and vegetables in any meal you are eating because it will be of great benefits to your health.

Heavy Foods (A BIG NO)

Make sure you stay away from heavy food. Prior to taking a yoga class ensure that you don’t eat meat, processed grains, and pasta.
These foods will make you feel sluggish, and this is not good when you are preparing for your yoga session.

Spicy Foods (Another BIG NO)

Consuming foods that are spicy can be compared to heavy foods; because spiced foods cause heartburn, ensure you do not eat foods that are heavy or spiced before starting your yoga practice.
Yoga controls and has an effect on both the internal and external part of your body so imagine the way you are going to feel when you have a full stomach containing spicy foods.


Taking yoghurt before starting a yoga practice is very good for the body. When yoghurt is taken 30mins prior to yoga class, it will assist you in digestion and strengthening your heart. People are different so also is the food they eat. It has been a very difficult task understanding the right time to eat your food prior to having yoga. With time, you will be able to know how your body functions, most importantly when digestion occurs that is going to be of assistance in organizing things in a great way.

People with low blood sugar should consume edible nuts 50 minutes prior to your yoga class. It is more advisable to use nuts if it involves yoga class. Nuts such as, pecans, walnuts, and almonds have vitamins and iron that are essential which are crucial for good health.

To ensure your intestinal tract is healthy, consuming pecans is very good. We have different postures in yoga that can affect your intestines positively. In order to get a great result, you should eat pecans and walnuts regularly.