Stunning Anchovy and avocado salad


This is the king’s recipe out there. However, there are no words to express this recipe. This is one of the best things you could ask for.


a- 95 grammes of cress
b- 151 grammes of anchovies
c- 1-2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
d- Salt and pepper
e- 3-4 avocados
f- A bunch of chives
g- One-two red onions
h- 125 grammes of feta cheese
l- A bunch of spring onions
m- 1-2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar


  1. Firstly, assemble all ingredients at one place.
  2. Chop the chives finely.
  3. In a small bowl, place the chives, extra virgin olive oil and season before mixing well.
  4. Then, cut the red onions into thin pieces and put them in a bowl.
  5. Sprinkle them with the balsamic vinegar, and now you should add a pinch of salt.
  6. Toss them and marinade them as you prepare the avocado.
  7. Then, peel and stone the avocados.
  8. So, we proceed to the next most important step.
  9. Cut it into small bite size pieces.
  10. Certainly, add the avocados to the red onion and blend.
  11. Chop the spring onions.
  12. Undoubtedly, cut the feta cheese into small cubes.
  13. Add the spring onions and the feta cheese to the avocado and onion.
  14. Combine the anchovies afterwards having drained them.
  15. One thing remains to be done now.
  16. Sprinkle with the olive oil and dill.
  17. Lastly, toss and now you can serve chilled.

Otherwise, smell the aroma and now serve.
Perfect start of the day
Servings: 4 to 5

Super Honeyed Guava

Yummy, definitely yummy.
Half cup cold distilled water
One whole medium ripe guava
1-2 tablespoons Honey


  1. Firstly, assemble all the ingredients at one place.
  2. Secondly, wash guava and cut into halves. Withdraw seed core and now cut into two-inch pieces.
  3. Thirdly, one thing remains to be done now.
  4. Fourthly, process guava and cold water in a juicer.
  5. Fifthly, blend Honey in guava juice. Drink instantly.
  6. sixthly, smell the aroma and serve.

Serves: 1-2 glass

Historic Beef Shank Stew with Awesome Carrots & Sweet Potatoes

Oh yeah!!
What you need:
One cup Homemade Beef Stock, Unsalted
One piece, small sweet potato, peeled, cubed
Sea salt and black pepper, to taste
One piece, medium onion, minced
One piece, medium carrot, peeled, cubed
One pound beef shanks
One piece, large garlic cloves, minced
One can, 15 oz. diced, peeled tomatoes
1-2 tsp. olive oil

The Herbal bouquet:

a- 1-2 sprigs fresh thyme, whole
b- One sprig fresh sage, whole
c- 1-2. sprigs fresh rosemary, whole
d- 1-2 ..sprigs fresh basil, whole
e- 1-2 sprigs fresh oregano, whole


  1. Firstly, assemble all the ingredients at one place.
  2. To make the herbal bouquet: tie in the fresh herbs together using butcher’s twine (or may be length of the white thread.)
  3. This will make it easier to fish out herbs later.
  4. To make the stew: Please pour olive oil in a nonstick skillet set over high heat.
  5. Now we can proceed to the next most important step.
  6. In addition, please cook in batches, brown meat well on all the sides. Place partially cooked beef shanks into a large crock pot.
  7. In the same oil, please sauté garlic and the onion until limp & aromatic, approximately 2 minutes or so.
  8. Now please place this, including leftover ingredients into crock pot.
  9. Clearly, set machine on the highest heat setting. Cook the stew for about 6 hours or so.
  10. Surely, one thing remains to be done now.
  11. Discard the herb bundle. Please whisk. Taste. Adjust seasonings, if needed.
  12. Thus, to serve: Ladle equal amounts of the stew into individual bowls. Now you can serve warm.
  13. Finally, go ahead and eat it up.

Serves: 2 to 3
Stupidly simple…