The Benefits of Drinking Green Smoothies

Not all smoothies are made with fruit only. There is a line of smoothies that add vegetables, in particular, green veggies, thus the term “green smoothies.” Going on the smoothie diet insures the body will get plenty of fruit, which is good because as discovered above, fruit contains many good nutrient. However, vegetables are just as good and contains added nutrients, some even higher in antioxidants than fruits. Many people though may turn their nose up at the thought of drinking a pureed vegetable, thinking it will not taste good.

Or perhaps they feel only the diehard nutrition ‘freaks’ are the only ones to drink such smoothies. But the truth is vegetables are a great addition to the ingredient list for smoothie recipes. They do add their own flavors, but often, the fruit and dairy will overpower the vegetable. This allows the benefit of eating their vegetables but only tasting the fruits.

Raw vegetables are the most nutritious. When we cook vegetables, they lose some of their nutrition. Since creating smoothies requires raw ingredients, the nutrition derived from vegetables is high. The benefits of drinking a diet smoothie made with vegetables are powerful. Again, there are pre-packaged green smoothies, but often the veggies included in these are processed and pasteurized, and this causes the vegetable to lose its nutritional benefits. It is better to stick with making all smoothies from scratch to derive the most nutrition.

The Benefits of Drinking Green Smoothies

The diets of today, or lack of good diet, means that people are not gaining the full benefit from the foods they eat. If a person eats a lot of processed foods and junk foods, then it is likely they are not receiving any fresh fruits and vegetables. This causes a host of problems in the body starting with deficiencies of the essential vitamins and minerals we need in order to stay healthy. People think they can gain their nutrients from swallowing supplements, but the benefit is not the same.

The best way for the body to get these vital nutrients are from eating highly nutritious whole foods, mainly from fruits and vegetables. Consuming green smoothies, smoothies with vegetables gives the body added vitamin A, B, C and K as well as folate, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, and zinc.

Vegetables help with weight loss and maintenance. The added vegetables in the smoothies makes them more satisfying and thus people are not as hunger after consuming them and are able to make it to their next snack or meal without being too hungry in between. A really good green smoothie will have sixty-percent fruit with forty percent vegetables.

This combination makes the food easier to digest and the body gains the benefit of the nutrients as a result. Junk foods go through the body faster and thus hunger comes on faster, but also because of junk food, the body is not able to absorb all the nutrients from the foods.

Eating fruits and vegetables, especially in raw form, slows down the digestive process just enough that the body is able to absorb all the proper nutrients. It also gives a fuller feeling longer, curbing the hunger and stopping the need to graze and snack. In essence, the more junk food you eat, the hungrier you will be and you will keep eating more to try to satisfy the hunger.

Smoothies are actually very good to taste. This is why so many enjoy making smoothies for quickie breakfasts and snacks regardless of their main diet. So many people do not like the taste of vegetables and smoothies, especially green smoothies, give the opportunity to include vegetables without the worry of the taste hindering the enjoyment of it. Because smoothies are more fruit, the fruit flavor overpowers the vegetable flavor.