You may not have even heard of it yet, but whole-body vibration (WBV) is the exercise of the future and could likely become as common as the treadmill is today.

The WBV machine uses a vibrating plate that you stand on for ten to fifteen minutes, causing rapid muscle contractions that burn calories and provide you with muscle strength that you could otherwise get by working out for an hour in the gym. However, WBV involves no sweating or discomfort and leaves you feeling rejuvenated, calmer, and slimmer.

Why Whole-Body Vibration Is Effective for Weight Loss?

Many of the world’s best athletes in the NFL, NHL, NBA, the Olympics, as well as Hollywood celebrities, are using WBV to lose weight, build muscle tone and bone density, relieve back pain and arthritis, improve circulation, and speed up metabolism. As a woman, I’ve found it to be especially beneficial for burning fat and cellulite around the thighs, hips, and buttocks.

The stimulation of whole-body vibration exercise delivers quick results that are simple yet phenomenal. WBV puts the muscles in a situation where they must expand and contract continually at a rapid rate, about twenty-five to fifty times per second, which helps to strengthen them.

These contractions pump extra oxygen into the cells, which allows them to repair and regenerate quickly, resulting in amazing body transformations. Keep in mind, though, that maximum fat burning and weight loss is accomplished through WBV only when combined with proper nutrition.

Why Whole-Body Vibration Is Effective for Weight Loss?

The muscle contractions caused by a vibration plate will probably not build as much muscle mass as lifting weights, but unless you’re a bodybuilder, it is still very effective for maintaining muscle tone and strength.

The results of a study that took place over a few years shocked many doctors globally. Research showed that vibration exercise was four times as effective as traditional exercise for weight loss. Additionally, the group of people who used WBV kept the weight off six months after discontinuing the use of the vibration machine. Those who only dieted or either dieted with traditional exercise all gained the weight back plus some.

Why Whole-Body Vibration Is Effective for Weight Loss?

There are two main types of WBV machines, those that vibrate up and down using a piston-like motion (lineal) and others that vibrate from side to side like an oscillating teeter-totter (pivotal). I have personally used both, and my preference is the pivotal machines. Both machines are proven to be effective, but you should research both types if you’re interested in starting a WBV routine.

You can also target muscle groups by moving to different positions on the vibration machine to get even faster muscle-building results. Vibration machines are all the rage among celebrities and top athletes whose livelihood depends on their bodies being in top condition, yet they are too busy to spend hours sweating in a gym.

Summary of the Get-Moving Phase (Phase 3)

Here’s a quick recap of what you need to do during this phase to get physically active and to reach a higher level of fitness.

• Identify your top excuses for not moving. The top five excuses as to why people don’t get more physically active were discussed in this chapter. See if any of these excuses are holding you back, and if so, commit to overcoming them.

• Measure your current level of physical activity. To determine how much physical activity you currently get, purchase a step counter, also called a pocket pedometer, to count how many steps you take in a given day. If you don’t have a step counter, just be mindful of how much you move around each day. Your goal should be to increase your movement each day so that you get more physically active week by week.

• Select at least five ways to get moving. Choose from the list of twenty-five easy ways to simply get moving without working out or going to the gym or come up with your own ideas. Incorporate your choices into your routine starting today.

• Continue detoxifying your body, eating clean and balanced foods, and taking nutritional supplements. All of the health-enhancing activities discussed in Phases 1 and 2 should continue to be followed during Phase 3.

In Conclusion

I want to encourage you to live life the way it was meant to be lived: active, engaged, and as a full participant. Get out of your chair, get on your feet, and go live life. Since the majority of our weight and health problems can be eliminated by following the detox guidelines, clean and balanced food recommendations, and the get-moving tips outlined in the DHEMM System, you can achieve optimal health. You will enjoy your new body, energy, health, and well-being. Get excited about your new life. It is not just about weight loss—it’s a journey toward optimal health and wellness. You’ll love the way your body transforms, and you’ll be thrilled about your results.

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